Denise Gitsham is a candidate for the 52nd Congressional District


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Born and raised in California, Denise Gitsham is the only daughter of immigrants, a small business owner, and a leading voice for San Diego’s innovation Economy.

Denise’s mother, a Chinese immigrant who came to the US via Taiwan, and her father, a Canadian immigrant who served 20 years in the United States Air Force, instilled in her a deep appreciation of the blessings associated with being American.

Denise’s earliest memory is of her father telling her she could be whatever she wanted to be, because she was born in a land of freedom and opportunity. Those words, coupled with her favorite Bible verse, Luke 12:48 – “to whom much is given, much will be required” – compel Denise to make the most of every opportunity presented to her, and every chance to give back to the country she loves.

A graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center, Denise has worked in the U.S. Department of Justice, United States Senate, and White House. She practiced law at the prominent international law firm K&L Gates before joining a San Diego-based renewable energy company in 2009. Today, Denise owns her own small business, and works to promote San Diego’s Innovation Economy, which is driving our local economy and creating high paying jobs for San Diegans.

Denise is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and an accomplished classical pianist, as well as a runner and triathlete. She served as a founding board member of one of California’s sixteen Innovation Hubs; is a co-founder of San Diego’s & Togel Hongkong downtown tech group, the Innovators’ Collaborative; is a provisional member of the San Diego Century Club; and serves on the Board of Scripps Mercy Hospital Foundation.


Denise Gitsham Selected for “Young Guns” Program by NRCC



Today, our Innovation Economy is stronger than ever, fueled by an entrepreneurial class that thrives in every tech sector – telecommunications, biotech, genomics, cleantech, bluetech, cybertech, robotics, consumer internet, hardtech, and many others.

San Diegans can’t help but invent and reinvent themselves and their companies. This innovative spirit helps keeps our unemployment rate lower than national and state averages, and fuels economic growth in our region.

A recent study highlighted by the Union Tribune revealed San Diego as the worst city in America to build wealth. This is due to many factors, including high rents and home prices, coupled with slow-rising incomes. We must focus on creating the best environment for our economy, so that employers and innovators can create high paying jobs, and increase quality of life for all San Diegans.

While San Diego’s Innovation Economy is strong, there is much more we must do to strengthen the business environment; eliminate unnecessary and complicated regulations that dampen our innovative spirit, and reduce overly burdensome taxes, which serve as roadblocks to prosperity, especially for small and medium-sized businesseses. #SDInnovates


Our district is proud to be home to the bravest men and women in the world. Veterans and active duty members of our military – the best in the world – are of exemplary courage and character. I know, because those I love and cherish the most – my father, cousin, and best friends – are veterans of the US Air Force, US Marine Corps, and US Navy.

As Americans, we owe a debt of gratitude to our troops, the veterans who defended us near and far, and the families of all who serve. Those who serve sacrifice all they are to preserve our freedom, and deserve everything we’ve promised them, and more, in return.

America’s military is the greatest force for good and peace in the world. In a vacuum of American military strength, countries like China and Russia fill the void with values contrary to ours. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the U.S. military maintains its reputation as Freedom’s strongest and most dependable ally. #AmericanStrength


Balancing a budget of any size is a basic skill that everyone engages in. From the time we get our first piggy bank, until the day we sign our last will and testament, everything is a balancing act, ruled by one simple truth: spending no more than what you have is common sense.

Some politicians seem to have forgotten this elementary truth on their way to Washington. The rules don’t magically change in D.C., but many act and legislate as if they do. The truth is, there will never be enough money in the world to give everyone what they want. Nonetheless, our elected officials aren’t prioritizing spending with the limited resources we have – a rule that everyone, whether business owner or private citizen, must abide by. It’s time for new leadership to step in, take the China-backed credit card out of Washington’s hands, and restore budgetary discipline in our nation’s capitol. #AmericanProsperity


Everyone remembers where they were on September 11, 2001. I had just started working as a young staffer in the White House, and was horrified at what we watched unfold that morning. Those who lived in areas most affected by the acts of terror will never forget the grief, determination, and weight of responsibility we felt in the weeks, months and years that followed.

While national security has faded from the consciousness of most, it still remains at the top of the Federal Government’s list of critical responsibilities. To strengthen our national security, we must rebuild a strong national defense, ensure that our military has the tools it needs to protect against the threats of today and tomorrow, and maintain a steady stream of defense industry investments. #NeverForget


America’s most precious resources are her children, whose minds are shaped as much in the classroom as they are at home. I am the proud daughter of now-retired teachers, who poured their time, energy, and resources to their students, year after year.

Today, many children are stuck in underperforming schools, using outdated technology, and studying irrelevant curricula. This must change, especially in San Diego, where technology is prevalent and cutting-edge.

Investing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education will directly support our children’s ability to compete on a global scale, lead the world in productivity and economic growth, and improve their own lives. We should also support our dedicated teachers, by ensuring that they have the tools and technology they need in order to offer their best to students, while putting the proper checks and balances in place to ensure that our education system is accountable to parents and taxpayers. An investment in our students is an investment in tomorrow’s leaders – perhaps the most important one we can make, benefitting us all. #InvestInOurFuture


International trade agreements allow American businesses to sell products, produce, and services to 95% of the world’s consumers that live outside the U.S. There are currently over 20 countries with U,S, Free Trade Agreements, and one in five American jobs are supported by international trade.

Any free trade agreement must, however, be carefully negotiated to support, rather than weaken, our economy and job market. We must monitor for potential exploitation of workers and the environment, and avoid trade deficits at all costs.

With that in mind, the benefits of free trade outweigh its risks. I stand with the US Chamber of Commerce and most leading business organizations in recognizing that free trade agreements, crafted to strengthen our economy and support our job market, are essential to America’s competitiveness in an increasingly global marketplace. #TradeWins


Economies thrive when energy security and independence increase With Sponsorship from Sbobet Online. To achieve true independence, America needs an “all of the above” energy policy, emphasizing the adoption of sustainable and renewable resources, environmentally-sound development of fossil fuels, and conservation incentives.

Currently, Americans export $1 Billion a day to import oil from other countries. This practice is neither conservative or smart. A large percentage of our oil is procured from hostile countries in the Middle East and South America.

San Diego is home to the top global cleantech cluster in the world, and I’ve been a proud and active member of CleanTech San Diego for seven years and counting. San Diego leads the way in the development of clean and renewable energy technologies, and needs a leader who champions San Diego’s strength in this regard. Doing so will attract investment into our region, and create more high paying jobs in this industry.

Our outdated power grid and fossil fuel dependence are two glaring weaknesses in our energy, military, and national security. As renewable technologies produce more clean, domestic, and renewable energy, our carbon emissions will decrease, as will our dependence on other countries for domestic energy needs. #TrueFreedom




As the daughter of a Chinese mother and Canadian father, I recognize that America is both a land of immigrants and a land of laws. The current status quo is unsustainable, as hardliners on both sides of the issue have failed to come up with solutions to the humanitarian and economic crisis perpetuated by our broken immigration system.

As a border region, San Diegans must take a lead on fixing this problem – first by securing our borders, second by cracking down on cross-border human trafficking, and third by implementing a market-based, guest worker visa policy. Our economy demands a free-market answer to our labor needs; one that respects American workers, while making room for those who enter legally.

Above all, our treatment of immigrants – regardless of their status – should be marked with the same dignity and respect we extend to our own citizens. In our efforts to uphold the law, we must never forget that ultimately, it is our generosity, empathy and compassion that makes our nation truly great.  #JusticeandCompassion

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